Cookie Clicker Mobile

Cookie Clicker Mobile

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Cookie Clicker Mobile

The main interface of the mobile version

Cookie Clicker Mobile is the official mobile version of Cookie Clicker. It is in development, and is only in its Beta period, as well as only being released on Android. Orteil hopes to put the game on iOS in the next few years.


Comparing mobile version 7.1 to desktop version 2.031, the game has:

  • 16 buildings, three less than the desktop version (no Javascript Consoles, Idleverses and Cortex Bakers)
  • 353 upgrades, 260 less than the desktop version.
  • 362 achievements, 156 less than the desktop version, a full list here
  • 3 shadow achievements, 13 less than the desktop version.
  • 25 heavenly upgrades, 63 less than desktop version, a full list here
  • The game also features the Grandmapocalypse and its subsequent research upgrades

Different to the desktop version, the mobile version includes:

  • Perfect idling from the start of the game, completely removing the Angel/Demon part of the ascension tree. Wrinklers also eat cookies when offline, but only spawn when online.
  • A “Special” tab, which shows the ascend button as well as the research upgrades. It is presumed that minigames may appear here when implemented.
  • The ability to “Buy all” upgrades. In the desktop version, the Inspired Checklist heavenly upgrade was required. The mobile version does not include this upgrade.
  • The ability to see the prestige tree without ascending, as well as viewing the upgrades descriptions and prices.
  • The “Log” button, in the Stats menu, which shows all previous notifications, such as previous achievements, golden cookie information, and how many cookies were made when offline
  • “Tips of the day” in the Misc section, giving small tips on the game.
  • A “Buy Max” button.
  • Cookie clicks and Cookies per click being changed to Cookie taps and Cookies per tap
  • The numbers are also formatted differently, like “2.3M” instead of “2.3 million”.

However, the mobile version does not include sugar lumps, minigames or seasons. Orteil has stated there are some things in the desktop version that will NOT be implemented in the mobile version, like the Dungeons and Gardens, due to them being too complex. The game also doesn’t allow a large collection of upgrades to be put into the permanent upgrade slots.


The game was first released to his patrons on the 23rd of May 2019, which featured a variety of bugs and glitches. It was then moved to a public beta on the 8th of August 2019, on Cookie Clickers 6th Anniversary.

Prestige was added as an alpha on the 12th of December 2019, which moved to Beta on the 10th of May 2020.


  • Orteil has stated that at some point during the beta, there will be an option to pay a small amount of money to remove ads.

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