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The Falcon Pruning SecateurFinecut is a heavy duty secateur for the most demanding cutting jobs you can think of. With a cutting capacity of 12 mm and an easy operating handle, this pruner has been designed for harvesting and trimming tough branches from trees or hedges. The fine cut blade is made from hardened steel and allows you to snip your plant life without causing damage to the surrounding area. Made with hardened steel blades and featuring a smooth finish, this secateur is suitable for long-term use in various applications.


The Falcon Finecut with secateurs is a unique tool designed to give you an easy time whilst pruningyour plants. These secateurs are extremely easy to use and ideal for all gardeners, regardless of their experience level. Their high grade blades stay sharper for longer and can easily sharpen with a pull-through sharpener. They also feature a rubber grip handle to provide comfort while working and a curved blade to ensure that you cut accurately every time. Each blade is made of high quality hardened steel, making them tough and long-lasting.




1. What are the dimensions of the product?

The dimensions of the product are 26×8.3×2.5 cm.


2. What is the colour of the product?

The colour of the product is black.


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